Welcome to the world, androidiasi.ro

Android Iasi - androidiasi.ro
Android Iasi – androidiasi.ro

We have just released androidiasi.ro, the new home for all Android Iași events.

In the spirit of everything we stand for, the website is open source and hosted on github. By the way, you can also do this for yourself if you want to, especially if your website is something really small, like a business card, that you still pay your hosting company money for.

The website uses Jekyll, the engine behind Github Pages and it uses Spectral from Html5Up as a base theme.

With this wonderful occasion, we are also announcing our github group and our event subscription list for those that don’t like our already existing facebook discussion group.

So please visit, tell us your opinion, join us on facebook and github and make sure to contribute if you feel like it. Everything is a fork away.