Testing Mobile in the Cloud

This year I started working a lot with Espresso + Amazon Device Farm for one of my clients. The whole experience changed the way I will work forever and this is why I felt the need to share with the world what I have learned. So here I am again, with a new presentation. It’s called “Testing Mobile in the Cloud” and it is aimed at both QA Engineers and Android Developers.

What does it contain

During the presentation I am comparing Espresso to Appium and Firebase Test Lab to Amazon Device Farm. My experience is mostly on Espresso and Amazon Device Farm, but you might find my conclusions surprising.

Where can I see it

I am giving this presentation at multiple conferences. The presentation was first seen at a GDG Iasi event, in collaboration with Android Iasi and GDG Bucharest. Here are the conferences:

I hope to see you at one of these amazing events! If you have any questions, I suggest you ask them in our Android Group.

See you there!

What about the slides