Flutter: Best Way to Build Apps

These are the slides for the Fii IT-ist conference presentation called “Flutter: Best Way to Build Apps”. The audience is mostly students or junior devs. The slides are very special for 2 reasons:

  • They are made in Flutter, not Keynote or PowerPoint.
  • They are running as a macOS desktop app

The slides themselves are a testament to how versatile and easy Flutter is to use. The image below sums that up nicely ^_^

I heard you like Flutter, so I put a Flutter app in your Flutter presentation made in Flutter. True story.

The inside joke here is that during the presentation we dissect a very simple Flutter app and as we near the end of, we also run the app as one of the slides in the presentation. So not only is the presentation a flutter app, but because everything is a widget, one of the slides in it is also a flutter app. Have a look at the original presentation and listen to the crowd reaction.

Ok, So if you want to play with the presentation yourself, you will have to compile it. Perhaps that is a good enough reason for you to try flutter today. The code for the slides can be found on github. So, here is what you need to do to run the app:

Or you could just watch this video to get a feel of the app itself:

Video of the slides in case you don’t want to compile the app